Paint Correction

Bring your vehicles paint to a new level of perfection with our paint correction service. Removing 80-95% of paint defects, this treatment is guaranteed to enhance the gloss and shine in your rides appearance. It begins with​ a gentle, two-bucket, hand wash, which is then followed by clay-barring and full decontamination of the paint. The exterior surface is then examined to determine the best products/pads for the most effective path to bring the paint to a nearly flawless condition.

**Our paint correction services are provided at a rate of $100 per hour, with averages ranging between $550-$1100 depending on vehicle condition.

Paint Sealant

We go one step further, and in addition to the Paint Correction services, provide an ultra-hydrophobic, top-shelf, 6-month Nano sealant for the ultimate gloss and paint protection on your vehicle at no additional cost to you. 

If you'd like to ensure the highest level of protection and increase its longevity, you may upgrade to our Nano Ceramic coating, Polly by IGL Coatings, at a cost of $375 on top of your Paint Correction fees.

Additional Services

Why not protect the rest? Other than your paint, we can apply a nano sealant to your windshield, all of the exterior windows, and even your rims! Feel free to ask about anything else you'd like to have protected with our ceramic coating services.

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