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Stage One

Our introductory package, perfect for keeping your vehicle tidy between major detailing sessions

  • Gentle two bucket hand-wash including door & trunk jams

  • Wheels & wheel well deep cleaning

  • Clay bar and paint decontamination treatment 

  • 3-6 Month Nano sealant applied on paint, wheel faces and front windshield to enhance gloss and hydrophobic

  • Towel-dry exterior and door jams with cracks blown dry

  • Non-sling tire dressing applied

  • Interior glass cleaning

XL SUV/Truck

**Prices subject to change based on vehicle condition and location

Stage Two

Keep your vehicle's exterior looking factory fresh with our second level of exterior detailing which includes everything offered in our Stage One exterior detail package along with:

  • Extreme gloss enhancing machine polish (removes minor paint defects like light swirls and scratches)

  • Top shelf six-month Nano ceramic paint sealant applied to paint wheel faces and all exterior glass for great gloss and hydrophobics 

  • Engine bay cleaning and blown dry

XL SUV/Truck

**Prices subject to change based on vehicle condition and location

Paint Correction

Bring your vehicles paint to a new level of perfection with our paint correction service. Removing 80-95% of paint defects, this treatment is guaranteed to enhance the gloss and shine in your rides appearance. It begins with a gentle, two-bucket, hand wash, which is then followed by clay-barring and full decontamination of the paint. The exterior surface is then examined to determine the best products/pads for the most effective path to bring the paint to a nearly flawless condition.

**Our paint correction services are provided at a rate of $100 per hour, on top of the base detailing service costs.

Additional Services
  • Suspension cleaning

  • Deep clean tires

  • Chemical-free steam cleaning

  • ​Headlight restoration

  • Deep scratch removal

  • Wheel polishing

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